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We will be unavailable from February 1 to April 1. During this time, we recommend choosing one of the other great service providers in Ashland.


Need a website optimized for top rankings in search engines? Ask about the latest specials and view our portfolio at the services page.


Call to hear about our two used desktops complete with LCD monitors, mouse and keyboard. Selling for great prices!


Our value system now includes 6GB of ram, a 1TB Hard drive, and DVD Writing capabilities for only $499!

 We build customized computer systems to fit your exact needs - whether you're looking to perform basic tasks or require a system that can handle the most demanding computer software.

When we build our computers, we only use the best quality parts from brand names such as Sony, Intel and Seagate. If you have a preference, just let us know and we'll use the brand you prefer!

You can find the value system Here

Or if you feel the need for serious power check out The Beast

We even have a specially designed computer for traders! Check it out HERE and ask about our multi-monitor setups.






Some of our main services:

Computer Repair & Upgrades

Web Development & Print Design

Video & Sound Editing

Digitalize Music and Home Videos

Wired Networking & Wireless Networking

Home Theater Set-Up

- Look for more in our services section -

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